Innovative Ion Beam Milling & Etching System for SEM Target Preparation

Cutting and Polishing

Compact Ion Milling System CP-8000+

Ion Mill / Cross Section Polisher Coxem CP8000 Plus
  • Rate of etching: 700 µm/h (on Si at 8 kV)
  • High voltage variable 2-8 kV
  • Working gas: argon
  • Digital microscope to align the sample
  • In-chamber microscope for monitoring the etching beam

Cutting (Cross Sectioning)

Coxem Ion Milling Schematic
  • Largest sample: 20 mm x 10 mm x 9 mm (L x W x H)
  • Motorized stage: ZY +/- 2 mm
  • Motorized swing: +/- 35°

Polishing (Flat Milling)

  • Largest sample: 30 mm x 11.4 mm (D x H)
  • Variable angle to the etching jet: 40-80°
  • Motorized rotation: 6 rpm


Functionality COXEM CP-8000+

The Coxem brand is enjoying an increasing popularity worldwide and stands for compact SEM-EDX instruments with an excellent price-performance ratio.

The latest development by the Korean team at Coxem is the CP-8000+ Ion Beam and Etching System, which can be operated simply and intuitively via touchscreen. Even beginners can use this instrument to prepare SEM targets!

The system convinces with its intelligent sample holders, which are fixed to the stage by a magnet. An HD camera makes it possible to observe the ion beam etching process live, which improves safety when preparing the target. You can save your individual recipes in an internal database for later use.