Excellent Equipment is the Prerequisite for the Best Results

Particle Analysis

SEM-EDX Particle Analyser Aspex


SEM-EDX for automatic analysis of particles by number, size and material for inorganic and organic particles and inclusions as small as 1 μm, 6 systems available

Component Cleanliness Testing

MicroQuick Particle Scanner


Scanner for particle analysis by number, size and metallic gloss for component cleanliness testing, 4 systems available

Component Cleanliness Testing

Laboratory Scales By Sartorius

Filter-Mikrowaage Competence CP2P-FMicrobalance Competence CP2P-F for weighing filters

Microscales by Sartorius for gravimetric analysis of particle mass and evaporation residue, 3 systems available

Component Cleanliness Testing

Residual Particle Extraction Laboratory


120 square meters of laboratory space equipped for testing the technical cleanliness according to VDA-19.1 & ISO-16232:

  • Laboratory room with overpressure, filtered supply air, permanent monitoring of particle load
  • Pressure sprayers for extraction with solvents and aqueous media, automatic fine filtration of rinsing media
  • Clean bench with laminar flow box for open extraction
  • Analysis cabinet type Hydac-CTU for extraction of large components
  • Pressure vessel for interior flushing
  • Rotary evaporator for analysis of residual oils / fats
  • Drying cabinets
  • Fume hood
  • Stereo microscopes

3D X-Ray Imaging

Micro-CT SkyScan 1272


Micro-CT for non-destructive 3D analysis up to 100 kV and high resolution up to 0.45 μm / voxel

3D X-Ray Imaging

Nano-CT SkyScan 2211

Bruker SkyScan 2211 Nano-CT

Multiscale Nano-CT for non-destructive 3D analysis up to 190 kV and with ultra-high resolution up to 0.1 μm / voxel

Microanalysis of Molecules

FT-IR Microscope Lumos


FT-IR microscope for the identification of organic substances and impurities, resolution up to 5 μm

Microanalysis of Molecules

Raman Microscope RAMANtouch


Raman microscope for identification of organic substances and impurities, chemical distribution charts on pills and components, resolution up to the diffraction limit 0.35 μm

Material & Element Analysis

SEM-EDX Tabletop Coxem


SEM-EDX for high-resolution analysis of components and compounds, element mappings

2D X-Ray Inspection

X-Ray Machine Kubtec


Digital radiography device for X-Ray inspection of components and small batches for quality control