Standards & Test Regulations

When analyzing technical cleanliness, the standards VDA-19.1 (2015) and ISO-16232 (2018) form an internationally recognized framework. In addition, customer-specific guidelines and test specifications must be observed. These texts regulate which methods and test equipment are to be used for the specific component and which cleanliness requirements apply.

For the test area of cleanliness analysis, we have a flexible accreditation that allows us a free choice of standardized and equivalent procedures. Below we inform our customers about the test procedures in the flexible area of our accreditation (as of 12-2022).

EditorDocument Number:Description / Title / Components
AGCOGF10750201Global Hydraulic Cleanliness Practice
Behr GmbH & Co. KGGN AR.01024Aluminum Solderings and Castings
Behr GmbH & Co. KGGN AR.01107Surface Protection Methods for Metallic Materials
Behr GmbH & Co. KG-Specification for Technical Cleanliness Analysis of Coolers
Behr GmbH & Co. KGPML 00419Manifold Assembly
Behr GmbH & Co. KGPN AR.01042Residual Lubricant Content on Metallic Surfaces
BKAdoc00981120120724112202Test Specification for the Analysis of Gunshot Powder Residues
BMW AG10274837-000-03Cooling Module LU
BMW AG10283184-000-03Refrigerant Compressor
BMW AG10325731-000-02Cooling Module I12
BMW AGDIN73411-2Hoses and Compounds
BMW AGPR620Technical Cleanliness of Bearing Shells
BMW AGQV11111Technical Cleanliness
BMW AGQV17004Coolant circuit reservoir
BMW AGQV17006Components in the coolant circuit
BMW AGQV32032Oil tank for LH and ARS
BMW AGQV33019Front and rear axle
BMW AGQV33019TecSa for BMW axle and e-transmission
BMW AGQV64037capacitor
BMW AGQV64044dryer
Borg WarnerAPN-002-FCleanliness of transmission parts
Borg WarnerAPN-096Cleanliness of transmission parts
Borg WarnerBWS 42001Cleanliness of exhaust gas turbochargers
Borg WarnerES60011Cleanliness Specification
Bosch Mahle TurbosystemsN-PS-001Technical Cleanliness
Bosch Mahle TurbosystemsN-PS-001 appendix 2Technical cleanliness Annex 2
Bosch Mahle TurbosystemsN-PS-001 Appendix 3Technical cleanliness system 3
Brose6606070201-02Supplementary regulation
Brose6606070201-03Residual contamination test of products, purchased parts, packaging
Caterpillar Inc. CAT1E2500Cleanliness - Finished Engine Components
Continental ContiTemicTML28.4003-9700.1bonding frame
Continental, VDO10098907QDO000ABGeneral Quality Requirements
Continental, VDO10098907QDO000ACGeneral Quality Requirements
Continental, VDO660.60702.01Gravimetric residual contamination test of components
Continental, VDOA2C20003304AAJ aCleanliness test VCV
Continental, VDOA2C20003496AAJ aGravimetric residual contamination test of components
Continental, VDOATE N543.80.03Interior cleanliness of brake units
Continental, VDOSN 52820permissible contamination
Continental, VDOTST N002.02.21Standard for product cleanliness
Continental, VDOTST N002.02.22-2Internal cleanliness
Continental, VDOTST N002.02.55.00-1Cleanliness Inspection Armature
Continental, VDOTST N002.02.55.00-2Inspection Tooling Armature
Continental, VDOTST N002.02.55.00-3Extraction Procedure Armature
Cummins16233Cleanliness Millipore
Cummins16599Cleanless particle counting
DAFTKB 00804-102 PCleanliness of Products
Daimler020.DC.00298Cleanliness requirements engines
DaimlerA9300019599Purity compressed air components
DaimlerDBL 6515Determination of technical cleanliness
DaimlerDBL 6516Definition of residual contamination limits
DaimlerDBL 6575Residual contamination test Common Rail cables
DaimlerVAM328Cleanliness requirements
Danfoss504H0086Cleanliness for Production Parts and Subassemblies
Delphi41300052Product cleanliness
German Screw AssociationNN.Guideline: Cleanliness of screws for the automotive industry
Deutz-Fahr Italia92349Cleaning of Hydraulic Components
Deutz-Fahr Italia92362Cleaning of Engine Components
Deutz-Fahr ItaliaLV 0161 0252Cleanliness of components
Deutz-Fahr ItaliaPV 0162 0069Cleanliness of components
DIN / EN / ISODIN 8949Filter drier for refrigerant testing
DIN / EN / ISODIN 8964-1Circuit parts for refrigeration systems, testing
DIN / EN / ISODIN 8964-2Circuit parts for refrigeration systems, requirement
DIN / EN / ISODIN 8964-3Circuit parts for refrigeration systems, requirement
DIN / EN / ISODIN EN 10247Metallographic examination of non-metallic inclusions in steel
DIN / EN / ISODIN EN 15001Anesthesia and ventilators
DIN / EN / ISODIN EN ISO / IEC 17025Requirements for the competence of testing laboratories
DIN / EN / ISODIN EN45502-1Active implantable medical devices
DIN / EN / ISODIN51455Determination of the number of particles and particle sizes in oils
DIN / EN / ISOISO-16232 (Part1-10)road vehicles, cleanliness of components of fluid circuits
DIN / EN / ISOISO-4405hydraulic fluid contamination, gravimetric method
DIN / EN / ISOISO-4406hydraulic fluid contamination, coding the level of contamination
EmitecDBE733SCR Cleanliness specification
Endress + Hauser50108447Cleanliness Standard for stainless steel / corrosion-resistant
Fiat7.G2183Determining the Impurities inside Components of Fluid Circulation Systems
Fiat7-G0200Determining the Impurities inside Components of Fluid Circulation Systems
FiatFPT.MAN050Detection of Impurities in Production
fordEN00E12185422000Engineering Specification
fordES 7T4E-6B616-AAEngine Oil Pump System Contamination
fordESAG9G-9370-AAEngineering Specification
fordESBC3P-7W092-BATDE Contamination Specification
fordESCM5G-6059-GAEngineering Specification
fordESECPC-3D070-ACEngineering Specification
fordESJM5P-7W092-AATesting technical cleanliness
fordESXS7Q-6L084-AASpecification for acceptable contamination levels
FTE AutomotiveRTD TL042Technical delivery condition
FTE AutomotiveRTD TL046Residual contamination for valve-controlled systems
FTE AutomotiveS2AG85.023Initial sample test report
GetragGN4340-1Technical cleanliness of gearboxes
GetragGN4340-2Technical cleanliness of gearboxes
GM24282840Engineering Specification
GM24282995Engineering Specification
GMGME7061Engine and transmission components
GMGMI60225Residual dirt determination
GMGMW14167Transmission and Engine Oil Cooler
GMGMW14191Charge Air Cooler
GMGMW14193Radiator Product
GMGMW16037Powertrain Components
GMGMW3191Connector Test and Validation Specification
hunt95234400Component cleanliness on engine components
huntH-TL-95182700.9989 DComponents for injection systems
stallionBN3.29Cleanliness requirements
HoerbigerFRM80090001Technical Cleanliness of supplier products
Honeywell Turbo TechnologiesQCI-9310-122 ABProduct cleanliness
Honeywell Turbo TechnologiesQCI-9310-122 pProduct cleanliness
Honeywell Turbo TechnologiesQCI 9310-122.U-
Hydraulic ringFT R530.01Check for residual dirt
Hydraulic ringHR4004Residual Dirt Analysis
Hydraulic ringHR4005 BTecSa
Hydraulic ringHR4005 CTecSa
IESTIEST-STD-CC1246EContamination Control Division
INAN021040Cleanliness classes
IWISN380001-FCarrying out residual dirt analyzes on chains / chain drive components
ixeticS100504 aCleanliness of components
ixeticS100504 dDetermination of cleanliness values
Jaguar Cars & Land RoverTPJLR.07.028Measuring Residual Dirt in Automatic Transmission Cooling System Parts
Jaguar Cars & Land RoverTPJLR.52.106-
JCB9993/0006Engine Cleanliness four Cylinder
John DeereJDS169Cleanliness of Fluids, Parts, Components
KendrionCPE-GL-001-CSpecification technical cleanliness
KendrionPCS-RL-SP-01Specification technical cleanliness
Land RoverLRLTM.30.DD: 103Methods of Measurement
Land RoverLRLTM.30.IC.101Internal Cleanliness of Metal Tubing
Liebherr11481316-001Cleanliness of components, consumables and washing media
LiebherrTLV23028Cleanliness of components, consumables and washing media
LUK086911103 fHydraulic assemblies
LUK08691531D aHydraulic coupling elements
LUKQV0020Technical Cleanliness
LUK, INA, FAGS250020liquid auxiliaries and supplies
LUK, INA, FAGS252001-1Cleanliness of Schaeffler products
LUK, INA, FAGS252001-2Particle size classes for products with increased cleanliness requirement
LUK, INA, FAGS252011General procedure for cleanliness
LUK, INA, FAGS252012-4Cleanliness test CRS standard products
LUK, INA, FAGS252013-4Cleanliness of release systems
Lukas Automotive6-5100 KOOLEMITechnical Specification
Magna PowertrainS100504-eTesting the technical cleanliness
Magna PowertrainS40028Testing the technical cleanliness
Magna PowertrainS40029Cleanliness classes
Magnet SchulzW0181-00Index a
Magnet SchulzW0181-00Index d
Magnet SchulzW0181-00Index e
Magneti Marelli00090380Testing Petrol Pump Cleanliness
MAN11347301Cleanliness of components, consumables and washing media
MANM3360Components with special requirements for cleanliness
MANM-3576-1Special requirement for technical cleanliness
Mercedes BenzYAP1651814Hydraulic suspension system
MG Rover Group21CC01CCleanliness of Powertrain Components
MTU FriedrichshafenMMN370Purity testing of structural parts
MTU FriedrichshafenMTN5253Technical cleanliness of components
MTU FriedrichshafenMTV5067Determination of residual dirt quantity
MWM BrasilTR305Engine Components Level of Cleanliness
Nova Werke AGNN.fuel line
Oscar SchwenkPVcompression spring
PaccarCPP0331Cleanliness of Engine and Engine-Related Parts
PerkinsTD292Premium Cleanliness of Components
PierburgD800327000Residual dirt determination in finished parts
PierburgD800838000Delivery instructions for EGR valves
PierburgD800838010Delivery instructions for EGR valves
PierburgPN-PG 02.035-1TecSa end products and components
PierburgPN-PG 02.035-2-
PolarisENG-PRO-04-001Powertrain Engine Component Cleanliness
PorschePPV 4070Testing of pipes, hoses, pipes
PorschePTL14045oil-carrying components
PorschePTL14050Oil and fuel pipes
PrefagPN2017-02residual contamination
PSA Peugeot Citroen9636305399-
PSA Peugeot Citroen9643839799-
PSA Peugeot CitroenB320400-
PSA Peugeot CitroenD705429-
PSA Peugeot CitroenD705432-
PSA Peugeot CitroenD795453-
Renault34-07-005 / - BEngine Oil Circuit Cleanliness
Renault34-07-012 / - B / - C / - ECleanliness of Cooling Systems
Renault34-07-024 / - BCleanliness of Refrigerant Liquid Circuits
Renault34-07-025 / - e / - B / - G / - HAir Circuit Cleanliness
Renault35-00-035 / - BBoites Vitesse's Manual Proprete
Robert Bosch GMBH1582990125Check for contamination
Robert Bosch GMBH1689918591Cleanliness request foreign parts
Robert Bosch GMBH2439918347Residual dirt determination in the fuel distributor piece
Robert Bosch GMBH0132Y00274Technical Cleanliness
Robert Bosch GMBH0132Y00407Technical cleanliness iBooster
Robert Bosch GMBH0132Y00424Technical Cleanliness
Robert Bosch GMBH0196.Y00.541Technical Cleanliness
Robert Bosch GMBH0204Y21344Foreign Material - Maximum Allowance
Robert Bosch GMBH0442P00008Technical Cleanliness
Robert Bosch GMBH0445P20246Common rail
Robert Bosch GMBH0445P75260Test specification technical cleanliness ESV
Robert Bosch GMBH0580P00167-
Robert Bosch GMBH1928B00108cleanliness
Robert Bosch GMBHAS00002479Cleanliness of ZFLS products; Specification
Robert Bosch GMBHBhP / PVA 001Evaporation residue on parts
Robert Bosch GMBHBhP / PVA 261Supplier Cleanliness Testing
Robert Bosch GMBHF00BU00211Common rail
Robert Bosch GMBHF00BU00246Pretreatment threaded parts
Robert Bosch GMBHF00BU00292Cleanliness Requirements Valve Flange
Robert Bosch GMBHF00BU00293Cleanliness Requirements Valve Cover
Robert Bosch GMBHF00BU00294Cleanliness Requirements Valve Ring
Robert Bosch GMBHF02NP00355-01Residual contamination
Robert Bosch GMBHN2580-1Prohibition and declaration of ingredients
Robert Bosch GMBHTMTM00042Internal cleanliness
Robert Bosch GMBHY445171571Cleanliness analysis of the spring bush
Robert Bosch GMBHY44517D002-
Robert Bosch GMBHY455132880Cleanliness Requirement external procurement
Robert Bosch GMBHY583P00204Corrugated pipe, pollution
SAE International2001-01-0867Automatic Transmission Hydraulic Systems
SAE InternationalAPR598BParticulate Contamination in Liquid
SAE InternationalAS4059Aerospace Cleanliness for Hydraulic Fluids
SAE InternationalJ1227Hydraulic Fluid Components
SAE InternationalJ1726Air-to-Air Charge Air Cooler
SAE InternationalJ2045Requirements for Fuel System Tubing Assemblies
ScaniaSTD4189-4Surface Cleanliness in Systems
ScaniaTB1690Oil System and Component Cleanliness
ScaniaTB1739Contamination Control
ScaniaTB1790Axle System and Component Cleanliness
ScaniaTB1815Gearbox and Component Cleanliness
ScaniaTB1832Air System and Component Cleanliness
SogefiQNO-04-55Standard of Cleanliness
Steyr MotorsWN0004Component / System Cleanliness
svenskSS2687Surface Cleanliness in Systems
TE Connectivity109-90862Test specification for Cleanliness test TRW Steering Connectors
Terra Universal-FS209E and ISO Cleanroom standards
Tesma, Magna PowertrainTETS0008Oil Pumps and Lubrication Systems Components
Thermo KingTKS10027Cleanliness Specification
Thomas magnetsAW000025Test specification Clean, rust, burr, ON / OFF 5/2 valve
ThyssenKruppLV07200010purity requirement
ThyssenKruppTV-02023-ENTechnical cleanliness requirements for components and assemblies for automotive steering gear
ThyssenKruppWNB-881-DCleanliness requirement on shock absorber components
TrelleborgFDDV H99 174External Technicial Documents Approval form
TRW automotive50820219Cleanliness Specification - EPS Motor Components
TRW automotive05900826 BGeneral Component Cleanliness
TRW automotiveNW22-10-202 AECleanliness of Components
TRW automotiveS-13834400 A-
TRW automotiveS-13834400 B-
TRW automotiveTRW62045004Contamination of hydraulic systems
US Pharmacopeia788Particulate Matter in Injections
Valeo8888477662CMA Water Chiller Assembly
ValeoCTS BMW L7 SPOC Rev GTransmission Oil Cooler
ValeoPDT NVF 10021 Rev AComponent Cleanliness for brazed heatexchangers
Association of the Automotive IndustryVDA-19 Volume 1Technical Cleanliness Inspection / Inspection of Technical Cleanliness
Association of the Automotive IndustryVDA-19 volume 2Technical cleanliness in assembly
Association of engineersVDI 2083Clean room technology
VM MotoriPS NP030 / DITEngine Component Cleaning
VoithVN3221Business Unit Commercial Vehicles Voith Turbo
VolkswagenP VW 3.10.7Paints and varnishes
VolkswagenPV3336Test specification for fuel lines
VolkswagenPV3345Automatic transmission and peripheral assemblies
VolkswagenPV3347Cleanliness of engine components
VolkswagenPV3349Cleanliness of ZSB manual transmission and individual parts
VolkswagenPV3370Automatic transmission, manual transmission with special requirements
VolkswagenPV8205Residual dirt analysis
VolkswagenPV88220Cleanliness Analysis
VolkswagenTL82284Power steering gear with external output
VolkswagenVW 80000Electric and Electronic Components and Motor Vehicles up to 3.5T
VolkswagenVW 96435Check for contamination - Determination of residual particle quantities
VolkswagenVW01134Cleanliness requirement for engine components
VolkswagenVW01135Medium-carrying engine attachments
VolkswagenVW01136Medium-carrying engine attachments
VolvoSTD107-0001Component cleanliness
VolvoSTD107-0002Cleanliness of Components and Systems
VolvoSTD5091,15Cleanliness of Parts, Components and Systems
VolvoVCS5091,159Cleanliness of Components and Systems
WabcoJED593Clean parts and equipment
WahlerWA-N630000Component cleanliness
WitzmannNN.Cleanliness Verification
WitzmannPA61-113 Rev 0PA for determination of cleanliness
WitzmannPA61-113 Rev 0 B08supplement
ZF Friedrichshafen0000 700 815 gResidual dirt determination on gearbox components
ZF Friedrichshafen0000 701 604 gCleanliness of transmission components
ZF Friedrichshafen0000 702 190 bTechnical surface purity
ZF Friedrichshafen0000 702 190 cTechnical surface purity
ZF FriedrichshafenWN70-13Determination of dirt residues
ZF FriedrichshafenZF1000000126728Determination of residual dirt quantities
ZF FriedrichshafenZF1Q40153454Technical surface purity
ZF FriedrichshafenZFN5008-1Cleanliness of ZF products
ZF Sachs624-624-650-1Cleanliness of HCC parts
ZF SachsPV DWC ZSB-0001.3Cleanliness of double clutch parts
ZF SachsPV-WA-assembly components 0002.xCleanliness of converter parts
ZF SachsWN70 / 13Determination of dirt residues on individual parts
ZF SachsWN70 / 13Specifications Technical cleanliness
ZF SachsWN70 / 13Specifications Technical cleanliness