Fast Typification of Particles & Steel Inclusions
Explorer 4 Analyzer

The successor to the Aspex Explorer is a fourth-generation SEM-EDX system, specifially developed for particle analysis. The instrument counts and measures particles and identifies the material fully automatically.

The Explorer 4 is ideally suited for testing component cleanliness, as well as for the analysis of damage events, steel inclusions and particles in the automotive and pharmaceutical industry.

  • Particle size from 0.5 μm
  • SE and QuadBE detector
  • High voltage variable 5 - 20 kV
  • Nitrogen-free SDD-EDX, 25 mm² 137 eV
  • High vacuum, variable low pressure
  • Sample chamber with plug-in mechanism
  • Motorized stage XYZ 100 x 100 x 35 mm
  • Windows-PC, Perception Suite 2
  • Recipe automated feature sizing (RAFA)
  • CleanCHK and Metals Quality Analyzer

The new Explorer 4 Analyzer offers full integration of microscopic imaging and elemental analysis. The rugged devices are used in industrial test laboratories for quality control and particle analysis.

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