Rapid Typing of Particles & Steel Inclusions

Aspex PSEM Explorer

The Aspex Explorer offers full integration of microscopic imaging and elemental analysis. The robust instruments are used in industrial test laboratories for quality control and particle analysis.

The third-generation successor to the Aspex PSEM is a SEM-EDX system especially developed for particle analysis. The instrument counts and measures particles and determines the material fully automatically. The Aspex Explorer is ideally suited for checking component cleanliness and for analyzing damage, steel inclusions and particles in the automotive and pharmaceutical industries.



  • Particle size from 1 µm
  • SE and QuadBE detector
  • High voltage variable from 5 to 25 kV
  • Nitrogen-free SDD-EDX, 10 mm² 135 eV
  • High vacuum, variable low pressure
  • Slide-in sample chamber
  • Motorized stage XY 80 mm x 100 mm x R 360°
  • Windows PC, Perception Suite 1
  • Automated Feature Sizing (AFA)

The development of the PSEM goes back to Richard J. Lee, who introduced the first digital SEM under MS-DOS in the late 1980s. The PSEM systems were further developed under the Aspex brand and subsequently took a leading position in SEM-EDX particle analysis. Aspex was acquired by FEI in 2013 and by Thermo Fisher Scientific in 2017.