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Reliable Quality
International ISO-17025 Accreditation

Our test laboratory has been accredited according to ISO-17025 since May 2006. Reliability and integrity towards our customers are the primary objectives that we work for on a daily basis.

Our Fields of Work
Technical Cleanliness

Our special competence is the analysis of component cleanliness. Our test laboratory is equipped to the highest standard and operates in accordance with ISO-16232, VDA-19 and customer standards.

X-Ray Microtomography

X-Ray tomography provides a unique 3D insight into materials and components as well as biological and pharmaceutical samples at a microscopic resolution.

Identification of Particles

Our specialty is the identification of foreign and residual contaminant particles using SEM-EDX. This will help you spot the contamination source.

Organic Substances

We accurately determine organic particles, fibers and filmic impurities using molecular spectroscopy. Pollution sources can thus be systematically eliminated.

SEM-EDX Analytics

We utilize SEM-EDX in order to investigate damage, wearout and corrosion cases, defects in paints and coatings as well as to determine the composition of materials.

Analysis of Steel Inclusions

Chemical analysis of non-metallic inclusions in steels using SEM-EDX provides you with a precise understanding of your sample's purity.