3D X-ray microscopy: analysis of drugs and formulations

In the Bruker AXS webinar series, our managing director Dr.-Ing. Markus J. Heneka spoke as an expert about the application of 3D X-ray tomography in the pharmaceutical industry. The event was viewed very positively by well over 100 registered participants from all over the world. Following the lecture, the audience's questions were actively discussed, and Mr. Heneka was able to pass on valuable tips for data acquisition and image analysis from the user's perspective. 

In the pharmaceutical industry, the tabletop devices from the Bruker SkyScan series are extremely popular due to their compact design and high resolution. The accredited testing laboratory RJL Micro & Analytic GmbH accepts customer orders for the analysis of solid formulations and other medical products and advises customers on investing in their own laboratory equipment.

We are making the recording of the webinar available here for anyone interested.