High Aspect Ratio Tomography for Samples with a High Aspect Ratio

Bruker has developed a special scan mode for samples with a high aspect ratio for the latest generation of SkyScan micro-CT devices. Objects of this kind are characterized by a high ratio of length to width and always confront users of microtomography with major challenges.

With the High Aspect Ratio Tomography (HART Plus), the sample is not scanned with a fixed, but with a variable rotation step. The information content is at its highest especially at small transmission angles, which is why HART Plus scans in this area with a finer rotation step. 

The HART Plus method is particularly suitable for objects that are constructed as a layer system, for example for fuel cells, batteries, sensors and electrical components. The difference between standard scan and HART Plus can be clearly seen in the figure below. A ceramic film capacitor is shown here, the duration of the scan was, in both cases, 13 minutes. The result of HART Plus is convincing!