We Support Helios in the Refurbishment of FFP Protective Masks

Given the continuing shortage of protection materials for hospital staff during the Corona crisis, Helios experts have in the past weeks developed a safe procedure for refurbishing FFP masks. Helios is making this method publically available, so that all medical staff can be supplied with sufficient protective materials.

High Aspect Ratio Tomography for Samples with a High Aspect Ratio

For the latest generation of SkyScan micro-CT devices, Bruker has developed a special scan mode for samples with a high aspect ratio. Objects of this type are characterized by a high ratio of length to width and repeatedly pose challenges for users of microtomography.

Micro-CT in Zoological Studies

A look inside an insect skull – what zoologists used to only be able to do with a histological examination can now be easily realized using microtomography with multiple magnification and a 3D view. We examined the sample shown here in a SkyScan 1272 micro-CT with a resolution of 1 µm/voxel.

A Glance into the Interior of Unique Samples Provided by X-Ray Microtomography

The discovery of a mummy or unique artifacts from human history is a sensation because they form part of the cultural heritage. However, for many investigations it is necessary to damage the object, for example in the form of taking a sample, and the preservation of the find for science is no longer guaranteed. For several years now, researchers have had access to a method called X-ray microtomography that enables non-destructive investigations.

Quality Control of Castings by Microtomography

The quality standards when processing aluminum castings are very high. Especially in the automotive and aviation industries, these parts have to be extremely resilient; incorrect processing would jeopardize safety and longevity. The use of X-ray computed tomography has proven successful in recent years for quality control in industry.