New SkyScan Nano-CT Enables the Scanning of an Object's Interior

SkyScan 2214 Multiscale Nano CT

The new system of the SkyScan family convinces with its outstanding optical resolution of less than 0.5 μm and a wide range of applications.

Thanks to the variable X-Ray source with energies up to 160 kV, the system is not only suitable for imaging at the highest resolution, but also for imaging large and dense samples.

The instrument can be equipped with up to four detectors, each allowing different magnifications and image fields. The precise mechanics of the system allows the operater to fully automatically place the detectors into the beam path during operation.

A special feature of the new system is the enlarged image of sections within large samples. Depending on the detector, a resolution of up to submicrometer can be achieved for an object of 100 mm diameter without cutting.

This is an important advantage for biological and archeological studies, where sample destruction is to be avoided. Similar application fields are, e.g., geophysics or chemical engineering, where non-destructive investigations inside measuring cells are performed.

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