Application Examples of X-Ray Micro- and Nanotomography

Solid Formulations

Solid dosage forms can be scanned by X-Ray microtomography without cutting the specimen. The reconstruction in 3D enables the quantitative analysis of the functional layers as well as the spatial distribution and size of the active substances and excipients.

Example: Tablets & Dragees

In the following example, we visualized and quantitatively analyzed the drug distribution (green) and thickness of the coating (red) on a tablet.

Example: Pellets & Granules

The quality of individual layers is crucial for the release of active ingredients from pellets and granules. Utilizing micro-CT, we can easily identify defects in the functional layers and determine the percentage of defective pellets.

In the following example, we examined the functional layers of pellets (orange and white), counted the defects and determined the porosity of the cores (blue).

Medical Applicators

For applicators and packaging, microtomography has proven to be a valuable method of analysis when it comes to return and retention samples. The internal structure of a erroneous component can be displayed non-destructively, allowing a fast investigation of the failure mechanism.

Example: Sealing Gasket of a Dropper Bottle

In the following example, we examined the sealing gasket of a dropper bottle with a conspicuous retention sample.