Satisfied Coxem customer sends a panorama greeting card


One of the users is changing his job and as a little farewell gift he made us a panorama SEM image that he took with the Coxem EM-30N. This mosaic shows a 3-point bending fracture in a deformed wood sample. With the standard integrated panorama module from Coxem, 169 individual images of a microtome section of the fracture site were collected at 200x magnification with the secondary electron detector and automatically stitched. The imaging procedure took almost 3 hours. We were particularly impressed by the stability of the electron beam during the entire acquisition time.

EBSD implemented for the first time in a tabletop SEM-EDX

Coxem Tabletop SEM EDX EBSD IPF Map Aluminium foil

We recently supported Bruker Nano with the world's first commissioning of a compact EBSD system on our Coxem Tabletop SEM-EDX. Thanks to good preparation, the installation went smoothly and after just one hour we were able to record the first EBSD mappings. For Bruker and Coxem, this test represents an important step towards commercializing EBSD technology for SEM-EDX desktop devices.

We are hiring: laboratory technician or laboratory assistant (m / f / d)


RJL Micro & Analytic GmbH is a leading provider of testing services in the field of residual dirt analysis and X-ray microtomography. At our location in Karlsdorf-Neuthard we have been serving interesting customers from research and industry since 1998.

We are immediately looking for a committed laboratory technician or laboratory assistant (m / f / d) full-time or part-time (80%) to handle administrative tasks and activities in the test laboratory.

Sand in the gearbox - abrasive minerals invisible in contaminant particles?


It is often surprising for our customers if we find hard mineral particles on their components during residual dirt analysis. Customers ask: "How can that be? We were not able to determine anything in our own cleanliness tests. ”The question of contamination from hard minerals is so important because these particles have an abrasive effect and thus massively damage mechanical systems such as gears and motors.

Filmic contamination leads to gearbox failure

wassertropfen oberflaeche

The determination of technical cleanliness according to VDA-19.1 and ISO-16232 has become an integral part of quality control and error analysis - because the cleanliness of components is crucial for the quality and error-free functioning of the product. In addition to particles, film contamination is a problem, as the following example from quality assurance in the production of electrical drive systems shows.