Particle Traps, Stamps and Other Accessories
MicroTrap - Particle Traps

Particle trap to measure the ambient cleanliness. Suitable for analysis by MicroQuick, SEM-EDX. Available with white or black background. Application:

→ Laboratories and clean rooms
→ Manufacturing floors
→ Warehouse and logistics

MicroStamp - Particle Stamp

Stamping tool to strip off contaminant particles directly from designated surfaces. Available with white or black background. Application:

→ Fast process control
→ Extra large samples


Particle mixtures with customized size and material composition according to customer request. Available materials: aluminum alloys, steel, copper, glass abrasive, sands, quartz, corundum. Application:

→ Failure simulation designed as benchmark test
→ Retrieval of test particles during analysis

MicroFix - Particle Fixation Solution

Liquid glue for fixation of micro particles on filter membranes. Specifically designed for scanning electron and light microscopy in order to avoid particle loss during transport and archiving or particle loss induced by charging in the SEM-EDX instrument.

Compatible with Aspex Explorer SEM-EDX
Production-related Monitoring

MicroStamp particle stamps are particularly suitable for monitoring component cleanliness in production sites. The material is soft and thus adapts to curved surfaces.


The adhesive layer of the stamp is optimized for optical analysis and can be analysed within two minutes using the MicroQuick Particle Scanner. This enables you to quickly and reliably monitor the process of component cleaning.

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