Even more compact: the new MicroQuick particle scanner for VDA-19.1 & ISO-16232

Our particle scanner for quick and easy cleanliness checks according to VDA-19.1 and ISO-16232 has received an update. The new hardware is even more compact and delivers razor-sharp images of unwanted residual dirt particles with a resolution of 5 µm/pixel.

What is particularly surprising for most customers is the excellent image quality that we achieve with a comparatively simple imaging system. However, a practical aspect is usually decisive for the purchase: The system is so easy to use that we hardly need more than two hours to fully instruct the users.

The low investment and follow-up costs, which are significantly less than half those of microscopes, are also convincing. In addition, the system is compliant with standard analysis according to VDA-19.1 and ISO-16232. This gives our users the security of being able to meet the requirements of the industry in the long term. No wonder that the MicroQuick system has established itself as the standard for cleanliness analysis in the automotive and pharmaceutical industries in recent years!

We would be happy to demonstrate our MicroQuick system to you. We look forward to hearing from you. You can find further technical information about the particle scanner here.