Application Examples of X-Ray Micro- and Nanotomography

X-Ray microtomography is an important analytical tool for material optimization and quality control of components. Components are inspected non-destructively and without preparation, thus eliminating the hassle of embedding, cutting and polishing. Reconstruction in 3D quickly reveals pores, voids and other imperfections.

Example: Castings Made of Metal and Plastic

In the following example, we scanned an aluminum die-cast component and analyzed its pore space for a costumer from the automotive industry,

Example: Electronic Components

The following video shows the analysis of the computer unit (CPU) of a microcontroller. On behalf of the customer, we examined the quality of the bonding and the BGA backside soldering.

Example: Filter Element After Loading

In the following example, we scanned a cylindrical pleated filter element after operation. In this analysis, we were able to show the dimensional stability of the folding after printing operation and represent the local particle loading.