SkyScan 1273 - the New Micro-CT Tabletop Unit for Extra-Large Samples

With the new SkyScan 1273, Bruker presents a high-resolution X-Ray 3D microscope for large samples in table top format. XXL objects up to 50 cm x 30 cm can be accommodated in the measuring chamber, the largest field of view is 25 cm x 25 cm.

SkyScan 1273 opens up fields of application from industry and research, which until now have been covered mainly by large-scale equipments:

  • Metrology and quality control of industrial components
  • Pharmaceutical applicators
  • Digitization of museum exhibits
  • Zoology and botany
  • Orthopedic research

As the SkyScan 1273 is equipped with a closed source, there is no need for regular vacuum maintenance, which keeps the running costs relatively low. Nevertheless, the 130 kV and 39 watt source is so powerful that even large and dense samples can be scanned quickly.

SkyScan 1273 combines the ability to scan large samples with high spatial resolution. The device is equipped with a large 6 Mpx CMOS flat panel and achieves an isotropic resolution of 3 μm / voxel at maximum magnification.

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