3D X-ray microscopy: analysis of drugs and formulations

In the Bruker AXS webinar series, our managing director Dr.-Ing. Markus J. Heneka spoke as an expert about the application of 3D X-ray tomography in the pharmaceutical industry. The event was viewed very positively by well over 100 registered participants from all over the world.

3D X-ray analysis of foreign particles in medical glass ampoules

A particular challenge is the correct analysis of microparticles inside medical glass ampoules. When the vials are opened, glass breakage often occurs, which can get into the analysis and falsify the result. To solve the problem, our team has developed a new process to non-destructively detect foreign particles in glass ampoules.

High Aspect Ratio Tomography for Samples with a High Aspect Ratio

For the latest generation of SkyScan micro-CT devices, Bruker has developed a special scan mode for samples with a high aspect ratio. Objects of this type are characterized by a high ratio of length to width and repeatedly pose challenges for users of microtomography.