Follow-up inspection & revision for SEM-EDX particle analysis

Cleanliness Inspection

Why follow-up checks at all?

Typical cleanliness requirements in the automotive industry

The cleanliness test requires a precise determination of the number, geometry and material class of the residual dirt particles. Like all technical systems, the automatic SEM-EDX particle analysis is not completely error-free. Nevertheless, the testing laboratory must be able to reliably check the specifications.

With the Particle Browser we present a universal tool for follow-up control and revision.

Particle Browser

Basic functions & layout

Particle list
  • Quick check ("click through")
  • Sort by length & width
  • Filter by material class
Distribution map
  • Navigate by zoom & scroll
  • Move SEM to particle position
  • Check particle occupancy
  • Detect stability problems
Image & Spectrum
  • Check plausibility at a glance
  • Detect fragmented/overlapped particles
  • Match morphology and spectrum
  • Control of length/width


Particle Browser can be used as a pure postprocessor for particle measurement data or in conjunction with SEM-EDX. The software is currently available for the following platforms:

Follow-up checks made easy

Developed from laboratory practice

The development of the Particle Browser was significantly influenced by our experience from our own testing laboratory. The main goal is efficiency: the laboratory technician must be able to carry out the follow-up check and revision of particle measurement data from the SEM-EDX particle analysis quickly and easily. Feedback from practice shows that the follow-up check significantly increases confidence in the results.

See for yourself: Every interested customer receives a free test license for Particle Browser. Quite a few customers come back enthusiastically and introduce Particle Browser as standard in their laboratory!

Benefits of follow-up

By checking individual particles, fragmented or overlapping particles as well as errors in material classification can be easily detected and corrected.

By inspecting the distribution map, the quality of the preparation and the stability of the image brightness can be easily checked.

Screen Videos

Follow-up and revision with Particle Browser