Ultra-fast molecular imaging


Confocal Raman microscope with a resolution at the diffraction limit and fast imaging via line illumination



  • Up to two lasers internally, additional ones externally
  • Wave lengths 325, 355, 488, 532, 671 or 785 nm
  • Spectrometer with 550 mm focal length
  • Thermoelectrically cooled CCD 1340 × 400 px
  • Line and spot lighting switchable
  • Up to three motorized optical grids
  • Spectral resolution 1.2 / cm at 785 nm & 1200 gr / mm
  • Highest spatial resolution 350 nm(x), 500 nm(y), 1000 nm(z)
  • ZTrack for uneven topographies


Confocal Raman microscope with fast imaging of large areas and long working distance, therefore outstanding confocal depth in z-direction



  • Laser 532 or 671 nm
  • Spectrometer with 350 mm focal length
  • Thermoelectrically cooled CCD
  • Line and spot lighting switchable
  • Optical grid 600, 1200 or 2400 gr/mm
  • Spectral resolution 1.0/cm at 532 nm & 2400 gr/mm
  • Highest spatial resolution 3 µm (XY) at 2x magnification


Gas-proof measuring cell for analyzing Li-battery electrodes under electrical load or when idling


Nanophoton has taken Raman spectroscopy into the realm of imaging techniques. Chemical distribution maps of large areas can be recorded within only a few minutes using the innovative line scanning technology.

Technological Leap

Conventional Raman devices are inefficient when it comes to the aquisition of chemical distribution maps. Point measurements conducted by moving the sample stage are slow and allow only little sample throughput.

The development of a novel line lighting combined with an innovative beam deflection system has made it possible to record a complete mapping in the shortest possible time. Compared to other Raman systems, a measurement using Nanophoton technology is accelerated by a factor of 300.