Simple and Practical Solutions for Residual Particle Extraction
MicroEx Basic Equipment

The standard system is our well-established basic configuration using laboratory equipment, glasses, small components and consumables for the standard-compliant extraction of residual particles. The MicroEx system is suitable for small- and medium-sized automotive components and can be modified individually, e.g. by adding customized rinsing and regeneration systems.

Optional Accessories

Drying cabinet from Memmert used for desiccation of filter membranes after extraction, temperatures up to 300 °C, natural ventilation

Analytical scale from Kern for gravimetric determination of particle mass by differential weighing, accuracy 0.1 mg

Developed through Experience

The MicroEx basic system was specifially designed by our test laboratory experts to enable a simple extraction of residual particles from component surfaces. This setup makes it easy to get started with cleanliness analysis.

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