Application Examples of X-Ray Micro- and Nanotomography

Particles, Granules & Fillings

2D particle analysis is only capable of determining the planar projection of particles. Microtomography, on the other hand, allows a precise analysis of the particle length, width and thickness. Furthermore, the spatial configuration of fillings produced during packaging and sedimentation processes can be studied.

Example: Residual Contaminant Particles

In the following example, we examined the particles on a filter membrane as part of a technical cleanliness test.

The following videos show individual particles, which were scanned at a high resolution of 1 μm / voxel.

Example: Food Granules & Seeds

In addition to the final products, in particular granules and seeds are investigated in the food industry. The aim of such investigations is the optimization of manufacturing processes, e. g. grinding, drying, roasting or extruding.

In the following example, we scanned a batch of roasted coffee beans and analyzed the beans' internal porosity, which acts as a measure of the roasting quality.

Example: Pigments & Fillings

The following video shows the 3D analysis of a paint layer with glossy pigments that are only 1-2 μm thick. The scan was performed with nanofocus and a resolution of 0.25 μm / voxel. The analytical aim was to calculate the angular distribution of the pigment surfaces with respect to the overall sample surface.