Project DELFIN – We characterize innovative solid-state batteries using 3D X-ray tomography

In addition to our daily analysis work, researching and developing new processes is particularly exciting for us. We are therefore very pleased that we are able to work on the DELFIN joint project and thus on an interesting topic - the development of solid-state batteries.

At the kick-off meeting on October 25, 2023, we welcomed our project partners from Math2Market, the University of Ulm and Justus-Liebig university of Giessen get to know each other and develop initial ideas and exchange experiences.

In contrast to conventional batteries, the lithium solid-state battery or all-solid-state battery (ASSB) has a solid electrolyte and thus promises a number of advantages, such as a longer range and faster charging. It is also considered safer due to the lack of toxic liquids. This makes the lithium solid-state battery a pioneering option for the automotive industry, for example.

The DELFIN project is developing a software tool for the digital design of the materials needed for a solid-state battery. This will reduce the cost and time required for testing and experiments, as there is no need to produce additional physical electrodes.

In this process, the RJL company is responsible for 3D imaging the electrode structure of the lithium solid-state battery. This requires an X-ray tomography device with the highest resolution, which is currently being purchased.

The DELFIN project will last until 2026.