3D X-ray microscopy: analysis of drugs and formulations

In the Bruker AXS webinar series, our managing director Dr.-Ing. Markus J. Heneka spoke as an expert about the application of 3D X-ray tomography in the pharmaceutical industry. The event was viewed very positively by well over 100 registered participants from all over the world.

3D X-ray analysis of foreign particles in medical glass ampoules

A particular challenge is the correct analysis of microparticles inside medical glass ampoules. When the vials are opened, glass breakage often occurs, which can get into the analysis and falsify the result. To solve the problem, our team has developed a new process to non-destructively detect foreign particles in glass ampoules.

Satisfied Coxem Customer Sends a Panoramic Greeting Card

A year and a half ago we installed a Coxem EM-30N at the Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development (HNEE). This mosaic shows a 3-point bending fracture in a deformed wood sample. With the standard integrated panorama module from Coxem, 169 individual images of a microtome section of the fracture site were collected at 200x magnification with the secondary electron detector and automatically stitched.

EBSD Implemented for the First Time in a Tabletop SEM-EDX

We supported Bruker Nano in the world's first commissioning of a compact EBSD system on our Coxem Tabletop SEM-EDX. The installation went smoothly and after one hour we were able to record the first EBSD mappings ‒ Important step for the market introduction of the EBSD technology for SEM-EDX tabletop devices.

Wachstumszonen im Feldspat (BE)

Coxem Introduces BE Detector with Excellent Z Resolution

Coxem recently presented a new backscattered electron detector (BE) for their SEM-EDX systems, which impresses with its excellent sensitivity. The new BE detector is particularly interesting for applications that benefit from a high contrast of the atomic number Z.