Quality Control of Castings by Microtomography

The quality standards when processing aluminum castings are very high. Especially in the automotive and aviation industries, these parts have to be extremely resilient; incorrect processing would jeopardize safety and longevity. The use of X-ray computed tomography has proven successful in recent years for quality control in industry.

How Pure is Distilled Water?

Distilled water has many uses in everyday life, for example as coolant in cars or in steam irons. It has the reputation of being purer than tap water, which is why distilled water is also used for cleanliness analysis in the laboratory. Residues in the water would contaminate the samples during analysis and distort the results.

Revolutionary Resolution

Bruker microCT presented the new SkyScan 1276 in-vivo micro-CT at WMIC 2016. The device sets standards in terms of spatial resolution and scanning speed. fastest scan in 3.9 seconds smallest voxel size 2.8 µm (isotropic) spiral scan mode without ring artifacts The instrument can be operated via touchscreen and offers an on-screen dosimeter.

Filmic Pollution Decoded

The smallest contamination, not visible to the naked eye, leads to errors in the processing of components. One of our customers had this experience when coating a turned part: an unknown filmic contamination that was discovered on the component after washing hindered the coating process. Our laboratory team examined the contamination using Raman spectroscopy.