Still Waiting for the Results of your Cleanliness Analysis?
MicroQuick 1001-CA

High resolution particle scanner for measuring quantity, size, shape and reflection of residual contaminant particles, scanning in reflected and transmitted light, including all software for analyzing component cleanliness:

  • MQScanner for image acquisition
  • MQAnalyser for particle analysis
  • MicroEditor for follow-up inspection of particles
  • MicroReporter for generating cleanliness reports
Inclused Accessories

Customized for direct scanning of filters in slide frames, particle traps and particle stamps, alternative: laminating system

Particle standard for aptitude measurements, including a module for fully automated auditing

Optional Accessories

Mini-microscope for manual analysis of individual particles, slide recording for framed membranes, adjustable
magnification 50-/200-fold

Mechanism for inverse mounting of scanner, allowing the filter to be scanned directly, without the need for a slide frame

Multi-scanner for analysis of up to six membranes, process of scanning and particle analysis fully automated

Simple Process Control

The MicroQuick Particle Scanner was developed in-house to provide quick analyses of component cleanliness. The method has been introduced as an industry standard and is compliant with the VDA-19 & ISO-16232 standards. MicroQuick enables you to measure the particle distribution on a filter in just a few minutes.

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