Our godchild from Uganda

Nakimera Maria, our sponsored child from Uganda, recently wrote us a letter and reported on her everyday life. We're always happy to hear from her and find out how she's doing.

Atmospheric Christmas Party at the Beginning of Advent Season

Right on time at the beginning of the Advent season, the RJL team met for the Christmas party and ended the day with delicious food and nice conversations. We look back on a multifaceted year and are very happy and grateful for the many projects, orders and activities that we were able to experience together.

Our Sponsored Child from Uganda Sends Greetings

Some time ago we received a letter from our sponsored child Nakimera Maria from Uganda, which we were very happy about. We have been accompanying her since 2013 and in the meantime she has grown into a teenager.

Mail from our Sponsored Child from Uganda

Shortly before Christmas we received mail from our godchild Nakimera Maria from Uganda, who we have been supporting and accompanying for several years. We are pleased to see that she is doing well and that she is still attending school successfully - not a matter of course in Uganda, where most people are too poor for it

We Support Voluntary Service in South Africa

Lena Heneka, our former holiday help, will start her voluntary service in South Africa in August. We are happy to support Lena's mission and wish her a lot of fun and many interesting experiences in South Africa!

News from our Sponsored Child Uganda

Since 2013 we have been supporting Nakimera Maria, our godchild in Uganda. The girl comes from a very poor background, the family lives in a simple mud house and the parents are seriously ill. With the financial support, Nakimera can attend elementary school and be accommodated in the dormitory there, because the way to school would be much too far.

Sponsored Child Is Happy about Support

Our sponsored child from Uganda, whom we support through Project Aid Uganda eV in Bruchsal-Büchenau, contacted us with a message for the new year. The young girl is now in the third grade of primary school and is already looking forward to the fourth grade. Attending school in Uganda is expensive.

Post from Uganda

We recently received another lovely letter from our godchild from Uganda. The nine-year-old girl comes from a very poor background; both parents are seriously ill. In order to be able to attend school and later do vocational training, she relies on financial help.