Our Sponsored Child from Uganda Sends Greetings

Some time ago we received a letter from our sponsored child Nakimera Maria from Uganda, which we were very happy about. We have been accompanying her since 2013 and in the meantime she has grown into a teenager.

She tells us that since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, everyday life at her school has fortunately returned to normal and she is enjoying learning very much. For many children in Uganda, unfortunately, attending school is either beyond the realm of possibility or involves a great deal of effort. Uganda is one of the poorest countries in the world, people cannot afford schooling for their children and have to struggle with hunger, contaminated drinking water and infectious diseases. They are dependent on support such as that provided by Projekthilfe Uganda e.V. in Büchenau. With the help of donations, the association has been providing health care in the Kyambulibwa region for many years, and it facilitates agricultural aid programs, school projects and the education of young adults. An essential part of the association's work is the sponsorship program, through which children like Nakimera Maria can be financed to attend school and thus be given a professional future.

We wish Nakimera Maria all the best and much joy at school.