Satisfied Coxem Customer Sends a Panoramic Greeting Card

A year and a half ago we installed a Coxem EM-30N at the Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development (HNEE). This mosaic shows a 3-point bending fracture in a deformed wood sample. With the standard integrated panorama module from Coxem, 169 individual images of a microtome section of the fracture site were collected at 200x magnification with the secondary electron detector and automatically stitched.

EBSD Implemented for the First Time in a Tabletop SEM-EDX

We supported Bruker Nano in the world's first commissioning of a compact EBSD system on our Coxem Tabletop SEM-EDX. The installation went smoothly and after one hour we were able to record the first EBSD mappings ‒ Important step for the market introduction of the EBSD technology for SEM-EDX tabletop devices.

Wachstumszonen im Feldspat (BE)

Coxem Introduces BE Detector with Excellent Z Resolution

Coxem recently presented a new backscattered electron detector (BE) for their SEM-EDX systems, which impresses with its excellent sensitivity. The new BE detector is particularly interesting for applications that benefit from a high contrast of the atomic number Z.

Diatomee-Mikrofossil (SE)

Surprising Discovery of Diatoms Using SEM-EDX

Researchers from Bremen provided us with this interesting sample of volcanic ash, which we analyzed with our Coxem Tabletop SEM-EDX. In addition to the spongy structure of the fine ash particles typical of volcanic eruptions, we identified various microfossils, so-called diatoms.

Bakterielle Kalkablagerungen auf Holz (SE)

SEM-EDX Analysis of Bacterial Carbonate Deposits on Wood

Employees from the wood engineering department (Abteilung Holzingenieurwesen) sent us an aged wood sample with a typical discoloration. Using our Coxem scanning electron microscope, we imaged the microstructure in high resolution and performed an elemental analysis of the discoloration.

High-Resolution Tabletop SEM-EDX at an Attractive Price

The Korean company Coxem has developed economical tabletop devices for SEM-EDX analysis that impress with excellent resolution. This new product series is now also available in Germany via RJL Micro & Analytic. Customers benefit from our proven support and technical service.